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This blog is dedicated to the Military. It's not specificly just the U.S. military, but that U.S. military is easier for me to come across things because I am in the U.S.

SUBMIT a photo or share your stories of the military(whether it be of someone you know, something you heard or you personally) And as always the ASK is always open. For suggestions, questions, or even showing appreciation!

I will Not under ANY circumstance claim a photo that is not mine, if you see a photo I've posted that is yours and you would like credit send me the link and I will credit you right away.

I will only claim a photo that is MINE indefinitely, I do live on an Army Base as my husband is a SOLDIER.

I’m sorry for being a failure at posting things, but I have reasons why.

First December 7th, a friend of mine from high school passed away, then a week later we left for vacation and I know I said I’d put stuff in the queue, but mourning a lose got into my way. After we got home from vacation I had to start dealing with my husband getting ready for deployment, which he didn’t until 5 days before he left. So now I’m here and my husband’s all gone and stuff….and then one of our friends passed away very tragically last night here in Hawaii. My husband is a mess because it’s bringing back bad memories from previous events in his life.

I’ll try to work on some posting in the next week or so, I’m not promising much though I’m really heavy in the heart right now. I tried to get help running this blog before and that failed, so I’ll keep it to just me running the blog.

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: I must say Hooah to your response to the grey face prior to me. It really irritates me when people try to bring up inter-service rivalry and make it a bad thing rather than being a platonic teasing.


To me, all it is IS teasing, sometimes service members take it too far though and it’ll get out of hand at some points, but that all is individually based.

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: You said you live on an Army Base and your husband is a soldier. So he is a soldier in the U.S Army. Have you or your husband ever gotten hate from other branches or other people saying the Army isn't a good branch and that other branches are better?


Personally, on HERE I’ve gotten crap for him being Army and another person being Navy. Regardless of what my husband IS I shouldn’t get bothered by what other people say, they’re all in for the same goal, protect the country.

— 1 year ago